Industrial Cleaning

CLEANER LAMP, S.L. make an integral cleaning of lamps with our specials machines patented with number 535829 and our exclusive liquid CLEANER LAMP.

CLEANER LAMP is the most efficient system to clean glass lamps because we are the only one company in Spain dedicated from a longtime exclusively to this service.

With our system we avoid the physical contact with the lamp avoiding crystal broken and needless damages. Our product works effectively in the dirt; it isn’t abrasive and will not damage metals, bronze nor finish or baths.

With our system the cleaning of a big size lamp in made a in a very little time and we are not annoying with the normal activity of places we clean: hotels, theatres, palaces, etc.

Exclusives clients on U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Tunis or Morocco with a big tradition using spectaculars crystal chandeliers use CLEANER LAMP a long time ago with great success.