CLEANER LAMP, S.L., was born more than 30 years ago as a company dedicated to the maintenance cleaning and restoration of bronze and crystal chandeliers. With an exclusive and patented system we have satisfied all kind of public, from a domestic level in the particulars homes to the most important official organisms.

CLEANER LAMP is the most efficient system for the cleaning of crystal lamps because we are the only company in Spain dedicated from a longtime exclusively to this work.

At restoration level on our hands have been the most fabulous Spain’s chandeliers as you can see in this web (our works).

Always with the highest quality standards we can show off that all our clients have been full of satisfaction for our work.

In CLEANER LAMP we try to get the best finish on the art pieces we have to restore. We always care for the antiquity and the historic value of all pieces.

We know that the technical methods are very important and now we have the modern machines and also artisans methods and with both we can reproduce the original manufactures from XVIII and XIX siècle.

Also we have a great experience to manufacture exclusives designs as per our clients proposal.

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