Domestic Cleaning

Limpieza Doméstica - Cleaner Lamp
CLEANER LAMP is the most efficient system to clean glass lamps because we are the only one company in Spain dedicated from a longtime exclusively to this service.

The crystal lamps over the time lose their shine because dirt accumulates on glass.

Manual cleaning of glass lamps is difficult and annoying and also cause damage to the lamp because the crystals broken for the cleaning cloths and rags.

With our system can avoid these problems because it haven’t contact with the lamp and spraying liquid we can accede to all lamp as exterior as interior.

CLEANER LAMP is the only one product recommended and used for the most important manufacturers of lamps in all the world, because they are the first interesting in their lamps shine always fabulous like the first day with a simple and fast cleaning way.

is recognized at international level. We sale our products in many countries like Russia, Austria, Italy, Portugal and also we have clients in U.S.A.

You can find our product in Spain in lighting shops, El Corte Ingles and also on line through this web.